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About the Owner

I'm Amanda Holges, and I have over 30 years' experience in running my own businesses. I now use this to help others develop themselves and their businesses to achieve the level of success they desire.

About This Site

This Membership site is for Business Owners looking to gain more from their businesses and in their own lives. To get a greater understanding of how their business can help provide the life outside of it that they desire.

You can take advantage by drawing on my years of experience working not only within my own businesses but by assisting others with theirs and their personal development. I understand what it is like to be a business owner trying to juggle all the parts a business needs, and not always having the skill or knowledge for every thing that is thrown our way. This Business Development site is designed to help guide you forward - without overwhelming you more.

Each course is fully interactive and can be completed in sections at your own pace. The course content is written with a Workbook to keep you on track, and you are able to listen to the audio or watch the video of the course if you prefer.

Have a look around at some of the sections below.

SECTION 1: Introduction

Lesson 1:


SECTION 2: The Mindset Programme

Lesson 2:

Knowing You - How you think and why you do what you do


Lesson 3:

What’s behind the business – Your Why


Lesson 4:

What Success means to you


Lesson 5:

Past/Present/Future - Your journey


Lesson 6:

The Power of Positivity, Fears and your Confidence within


Lesson 7:

Don’t just sit there

SECTION 3: Summary

Lesson 8:

Module Summary

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